The Secret Sauce For Writing Reusable Code

Everyone knows that you need to write reusable code to be able to grow as a developer, right?
However, most developers struggle to understand how to split up their code to make it truly reusable, so they end up copy-pasting parts of code and modifying as needed, instead of effectively reusing the code that was already written, without a single change.
This session explains the concept of Config files and how they allow you to cleanly separate reusable code from project-specific code.


Über Alain Schlesser

Alain is a freelance software engineer, WordPress consultant and solopreneur living amongst the dormant Eifel volcanoes in Germany. He started out as a government agent working in prison administration in Luxembourg, and has recently made the switch to self-employment to enjoy productive work without the bureaucratic hurdles. He has worked with numerous platforms and programming languages for the past 25 years, and is now trying to settle down on modern web development with the WordPress platform. He is passionate about software architecture and code quality and never misses an opportunity to share best practices. He offers his WordPress services and expertise through his company Bright Nucleus, while you can catch some of his more personal ramblings at